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Everyday there's a new lesson;

And you're still trying to impress 'em.

So busy worshippin' that institution;

Got no need for a constitution.

Them fake titles got you believin';

Blinded by all the deceivin'.

Your reflection makes for good competition;

Glarin' at your team with such suspicion.

Your wisdom is written on paper;

Impossible there's something greater.

So in love with the condition;

That you sold out your volition.

The dazzling tricks are surely tragic;

The real thing ain't really magic.

But what the hell, it's entertaining;

Hypnotized and not complaining.

Should have never built that tower;

Behold the confusion and the power.

Think you can reach the top if you climb it;

I assure you that's not how you'll find it.

It's really not that far away;

And the farther you travel the more you'll stay.

Not above or below, it's in the middle;

Give it some thought and solve the riddle.

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