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Don't need no money;

Just want you, honey.

Let me say it's unconditional;

And it can be reciprocal.

A cage would be a tragedy;

Don't care if they call it blasphemy.

Tell me what's on your mind;

And I can help you unwind.

It feels intense but it's just a game;

Looks new but still end's the same.

Barely time to breathe with that routine;

While you're making such a beautiful scene.

Sometimes you just gotta take a break;

When it seems there's so much at stake.

Just take your time and do your thing;

The depth and emotion is inspiring.

And if we stay strangers forever;

Doubt that will numb the pleasure.

Even if you don't know I exist;

You might notice if I persist.

You're as a free as a bird;

Anything less would be absurd.

Let me say it's unconditional;

Much more than something physical.

Don't got no money, honey;

But you'll always be this lovely.

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