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Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow

Want to tell a story but don't know where to start;

All these feelings that are flowing from the heart.

It's hard not to notice the elephant in the room;

Especially when it's dancing and singing the tune.

Said we couldn't do it but took a chance;

Indigo, crystal, then rainbow to enhance.

Not that different and not that strange;

All the social conformists are selling us their change.

We're sending cryptic messages on a secret frequency;

The dictators in charge might charge us with indecency.

It might be hard to receive through all the noise;

Just part of the exercise in establishing your poise.

No need to lookout below from so high above;

If they demand a sacrifice release the white dove.

You feel so alone but it's not what it seems;

We're just spread apart to enlighten the themes.

The lines are blurry to this new paradigm;

But surely we should question the established design.

Once the world was flat but now it's round;

Expose another dimension with the magic of sound.

In or out on this metaphorical fence;

Fulfill the prophecy with vibration and resonance.

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