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When you think you get it but then you don't; Understand the truth, don't think you won't.

We have to use the tools at hand; Together we can make a stand.

We can make this good and then even better; Love is light, light as a feather.

There's no such thing as time, this is a test; All we need to do is do our best.

When all you know is beginning and end; Time is an illusion, I would contend.

Life is a journey, not a destination; The points in time are an amalgamation.

We need not fear how to cope; Look in your heart, all you need is hope.

Accept the emotions - laugh and cry; The end is an illusion if we try.

When it's started it can't be stopped; The bad is a balloon that will be popped.

You might feel lost, if you dare; There are others to help you there.

Now there is nothing to be waiting for; All you need is courage to open this door.

You've got what it takes, give it a shot; Life is beautiful when you're in this spot.

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