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Something or Nothing

Thought I saw your soul one day; But you were so far away.

My eyes were closed, but now I see; Was it you who was calling me?

This is a book I cannot bind; One which was lost but I now find.

I've never felt like this before; But are you even at the door?

Should I stay or should I run? Is this love and is it fun?

Make me laugh and make me cry; Should we wait until we die?

Please, won't you be so kind? I can't stand to lose my mind.

This is all quite confusing; I hope you don't find this amusing.

Locked me up and threw away the key; Did you even to talk to me?

Made a promise to try to forget; Can't endure this kind of fret.

All in one and one in she; Dreams in a bottle and cast to sea.

More than likely history will repeat; Might as well take a seat.

Then when you see my soul one day; I'll try not to be so far away.

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